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In a broader perspective, apt designing strategy was successfully implemented in order to carry out a complete makeover of the company-Kurikkal Agencies-in a very professional way. Innovative and informative projection of business profile, presenting inspiring chronicle of the firm, attractive and highly proficient branding; blending of these three factors were the highlights. The whole scenario was made appealing to the addressees. Ample foresightedness to include up-to date citations were also made possible. The “real-life” branding reflects corporate communication in modern business languages. Microscopic but important details were incorporated including inventory portfolios and distribution circuitry details made the rostrum an elegant one.


More than 6 decades ago, in 1953, with ethical and socially responsible objectives, Kurikkal Coir House was started at Manjeri – one of the prominent business towns in Malabar region of Kerala. This initiative came from the affluent and aspirant Kurikkal family who are well known for their passion and ethical approach towards business. Cementing its base on hard work, dedication and ethics, Kurikkal Coir House emerged as the largest wholesaler of ropes, tarpaulins, carpets etc. in south India.


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