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Our Story

A technology enterprise that loves to take up a challenge, the Eximuz team works like alchemists in medieval labs – experimenting with innovative solutions customised to the nature of the particular design problem. The reactions we devise out of your problems and your requirements are the effective solutions you require. Our expertise extends to the arena of developing web/mobile applications and cloud enabling solutions that adhere to the overall business vision of your project.

We adapt to the latest in the field of technology – be it products, services or processes – to design, develop and integrate applications, using flexible practices to suit the needs of the ever-changing industry. We believe that there is a perfect solution for every problem – achieved by experimenting with the client’s requirements and the services we provide to effectively suit the particular problem.

  • Our Goal
  • We aspire to build versatile and creative IT labs that comprehend the chemistry involved when we design for our patrons.
  • Our Vision
  • We visualise a stimulating work environment that brings together passionate people and creative ideas to generate unparalleled projects and content.

Our Services

Eximuz is set apart from its contemporaries by our team’s ability to experiment with a range of solutions for every problem that comes our way – brainstorm, analyse and re-organize – to generate tailor-made, catalysed solutions that effectively react with each challenge.



Our team at Eximuz comprehends the fact that each business is unique. Therefore we develop tailor-made apps and online platforms, our knowledge is aided by the chemistry we develop with our exclusive clientele. Our applications are custom-designed to appear and work flawlessly across platforms and mobile devices alike.

  • CRM & ERP:
  • We have a full range of custom solutions like CRM & ERP.
  • SPA/SPI (Single Page Apps/Single Page Interface):
  • SPA is a web app that fits and runs on a single web page increasing web capabilities when all apps run entirely on a browser.
  • On-demand software or hosted software delivers live applications online instead of installing and maintaining software on your computer.


Our mobile applications are developed with state-of-the-art technology, that meet the pace of the customer’s changing requirements. We design and execute personalised mobile applications that adhere to your standards and specification.

  • iOS
  • Apps for iPhones, iPads and other iOS devices
  • Android
  • Apps for Android devices including mobiles and tablets
  • Windows
  • Apps for Windows mobile, tablets and desktops 8
  • Cross -Platform
  • Apps made with HTML5, phonegap, Sencha, Titanium - and runs on iOS, android and win 8


We design, develop and deliver comprehensively planned and creatively conceived websites that meet the functional business expectations on all platforms while appeasing the aesthetic senses of users. Our websites are extremely responsive as well as search optimised.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Search Engine Friendly – SEO
  • Cross Platform Browser Compatibility
  • Performance and Speed
  • Effective Navigation


Move your computer systems up into the cloud. Access and control your applications securely and remotely from anywhere. We provide new solutions or retrofit existing applications to cloud based platforms.

  • Cloud migration [legacy system into cloud app migration]
  • Designing, implementing and maintaining applications on the cloud
  • Cloud based services from Email to Databases.
  • Performance management and monitoring for cloud based applications


We integrate different applications and software technologies from different vendors to make your business usage simple and hassle-free.

  • Third party API integration
  • Payment gateway
  • Social Media, etc.

Other Services

We also provide these services other than regular IT supports

  • WEB hosting and servers
  • SSL certificate
  • Internet Marketing
  • Graphic Design

We are Specialists.

We experiment with our patron’s aspirations and demands, And formulate comprehensive solutions

We are Catalysts.

We facilitate our patrons every requirement, By proposing prompt, precise and personalised solutions

We are Alchemists.

We create and sustain a chemistry with our clientele, By proposing prompt, precise and personalised solutions

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